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Auto Glass Insurance Claims Process

Most large insurance companies are affiliated with 3rd party administrators that handle insurance claims on their behalf. The largest auto glass claims handler in the industry is Safelite Solutions. Safelite Solutions manages the claim, submits the invoice to the insurance company, then forwards payment from the insurance company to the repair facility. Safelite Solutions is financially affiliated with Safelite Auto Glass - the customer service representatives that process your claim your claim are trained to push you to use Safelite (known as steering - read more here). Maryland law states that you have the "Right to Choose" your facility of choice.

If you'd like assistance creating a claim, please submit your insurance information here.

BDR Glass is a member of the Safelite Affiliate Network (hired by most major insurers), as well as the Lynx Services Program (hired by State Farm), and agrees to all of their terms and conditions set in the contractual agreement. This means that we agree to all of their predetermined billing rates, are adequately insured, have proper training, and provide ample warranty with our services.

When making your claim for auto glass repair, simply notify the representative that you choose BDR Glass as your repair facility. Provide them with our phone number (301-862-1936) to have your claim information forwarded to us. Or, if you prefer, we will submit the claim on your behalf - Simply send us your insurance information

We encourage you to learn more about insurance companies and their relationship with Safelite and Safelite's affiliated divisions by clicking here.

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