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Auto Glass Replacements

BDR Glass is a member of the Auto Glass Safety Council and the National Glass Association. 

Our Product

We purchase top-rated, OEM quality glass from the industry's most reputable distributors, Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW) and Mygrant Glass. Our distributors sell the best auto glass, referred to as "Tier 1" - Their design and manufacturing capabilities are of high quality, which is why they are trusted partners to many vehicle manufacturers. Glass plays an important part in the structural integrity of your vehicle. Quality replacement glass and materials, accompanied by proper installation is very important for your safety.

Our Workmanship

We provide our customers with a lifetime guarantee on glass installations. This covers leaks and stress cracks, as well as our workmanship throughout the replacement process. Our skilled glass technicians ensure that every piece of glass is installed correctly every time. We thoroughly inspect all repairs before we finish the job, treating each and every vehicle we touch as if it were our own. We work to the latest industry standards and technology to perform safe, high-quality auto glass repairs and installations; we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the work we do! 

Windshields & Side Glass

In addition to windshield repair and replacement, BDR Glass also replaces back glasses, door and vent glasses, side-view mirrors, quarter glasses and power windows.  We are your exclusive choice for affordable, high quality windshield repair and replacement services in Maryland.  Call us today to get a quote and make an appointment.

OEM And Aftermarket Glass Myths in the Marketplace

It is true that there may be some quality differences in auto glass window replacement products, but with today’s technology and millions of dollars invested in creating the aftermarket auto glass templates, it would be hard to see the difference except for the company’s name or logo stamp on the window. From a safety perspective, all auto glass window manufacturers have to pass government standards, and in addition, as you read above, they may actually be the OEM auto glass window manufacturer for the same vehicle, but on a different model of car or window of the car. This is one of the reasons we always recommend working with a reputable auto glass repair shop to ensure you are getting an auto glass windshield replacement that meets, and in most cases, beats NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and DOT (Department Of Transportation) standards.

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