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Auto Glass Insurance Claims Process
Many large insurance companies are affiliated with a 3rd party administrator that handles insurance claims called Safelite. Safelite manages the claim, submits the invoice to the insurance company, then passes payment down to the glass shop once they get their cut. To most, this is a conflict of interest; here's how:
Safelite has their own glass shops, is contracted with the insurance companies to actually process claims for those companies, AND they manufacture glass. This means when you call your insurance company to file an auto glass claim, you will most likely end up speaking directly into Safelite's claim center, who then has the opportunity to steer your business directly to their retail auto glass stores. 
You DO NOT have to use Safelite, even if you are made to believe so when placing your claim. BDR Glass is a member of the Safelite Affiliate Network and agrees to all of their terms and conditions set in the contractual agreement. This means that we agree to all of their predetermined billing rates. BDR Glass has a lifetime guarantee on your glass installation from leaking and workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle; do not let your insurance company deter you from using anyone but Safelite by claiming you will receive no warranty from anyone else.
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